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Traffic tickets

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No Points

Former Deputy City Attorney

  • Commercial truck drivers

  • No/less Points

  • Reduced Fines

Former Deputy City Attorney

"I used to negotiate traffic fines on behalf of the city.  Now, I defend those cited by the city..." 

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 Employee Drivers


Certain employers and industries that employ drivers, use vehicle, company and/or driver insurance that increase their insurance rates when cited company drivers incur point deductions from their driving record.  For many cited drivers, this can translate into job loss,  suspensions, decrease of hours worked and a potentially damaging effect on your future employment and/or industry marketability.   

Understanding this, and indeed, having worked on traffic citations as a former Deputy City Attorney, this firm works with CA's and local prosecutors to help you obtain a working resolution that accounts for the import of you NOT having --or having the least amount of - points deducted from your driver's license (point allotment); and getting you the biggest break from your fines (i.e., subtracting the most amount of money from your initial citation to get it to be the least expensive fine), in light of its effect on your driving record, budget and possibly, your employment...:  For more information, call me directly on my cell: (702) 449 -1289; we'll discuss your citation, ticket/driving infraction, driving record and driver's license related job concerns immediately; thank you.   Attorney Barnet G. LeVine


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Traffic Tickets/No Points

The issuance of traffic citations or traffic tickets can mean fines assessed against  --and varying amounts of "points" being deducted from-- your driver's or operator's license (depending on the cited driving infraction, different amount of "points" and fines apply). But the consequences extend well beyond the incidental costs of citations, license suspensions and revocations that are typically associated with infractions: job loss, transportation concerns, inconvenience and concerns of  being pulled over can add up...  And of course, hiring a lawyer seems like another added expense; but if you pose the price you'd pay a lawyer with the presumed decrease in the overall expense that followed from what your lawyer obtained, you'd be saving money by wisely spending it...  And you'd be even wiser, if you hired the right attorney: One that does more, for less...   Call my firm, and we'll discuss your traffic citations and develop a working arrangement that helps you without hurting your wallet....

Attorney Barnet G. LeVine

(702) 449-1289