Family Law    


"Break ups" do NOT require "breakdowns:"​ 


In the interest of sparing your relational "break up" from transitioning into an emotional --and legal-- "breakdown" (i.e., to reject the temptation to view the break up as being so overwhelming that you defer your ability to address the circumstances that follow from it, rendering what would otherwise be completely manageable into the seemingly unmanageable), this firm offers you an assortment of legal and extra-legal Family Law guiding points (see the talking and legal point pages): this information is offered to help identify the number of things you're going through, and clarify all legal action that can be taken to directly address and help you overcome these things.                    


For more information, click on the following menu link (a series of prompts should appear, one at a time, ranging from legal to extra legal talking points, practice specific information, and a working checklist of helpful reminders that can help make the   difference between you being spared from, or subject to legal liability):   


Barnet G. LeVine, Esq.