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Take notice: 


To those who are --or have recently been-- exposed to domestic violence, there are programs available to support you: I participate in a program that represents those exposed to domestic violence (women, children and less frequently, men as well) FREE to establish or extend PPO's against alleged actors. 


For more information about the program, please, do not hesitate to call me at 702-449-1289 (reminding note: do not worry about this firm divulging to anyone, including your partner/former partner that you called and/or talked to me: confidentiality principles fully apply and are carefully observed here.  In other words, communication with, or information about, and/or provided by you will not be disclosed to others without your voluntary, requesting, hand delivered written consent).                  



Free domestic violence assistance   

For more information click on the link below: 




 Quick note: References to third parties are just that: references.  They're meant to inform you of additional channels of assistance, not to volunteer their services. I speak for myself, not others.  With that in mind, the following services are offered free of charge to the afore-defined group by me, Barnet G. Levine, PLLC (solo practitioner).  I commit to helping as many people as opportunity allows.  Thank you.  


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