Family Law  (children focused practice)    



I offer the following services to establish, change/modify and

     enforce the following rights:  

  • Custody (Legal and Physical); parental and 3rd party rights  (with children protecting protocol in place);

  • Child Visitation ("Parenting time") issues, including frequency, amount of time and/or scheduling;  

  • Child exchange issues (location, supervision, transportation arrangements and expense; waiting periods, behavioral orders/mutual injunctions, etc.);  

  • Child Support Enforcement/Modification/Objections

  • Order to show cause hearings (contempt hearings or "OSC")

  • Court order clarification

  • Court order enforcement actions (i.e., show cause hearings (contempt hearings), motions to compel 

  • Stipulations

  • Friend of the Court Proceedings (i.e., Conciliators conferences, Referee Hearings) 

  • Objection to Referee Recommendations

  • ppo victim assistance​ 

  • /ppo violations defense

  • Children protecting provisions (supervised visitation; parenting class orders, etc.); and

  • Unborn child(ren) custody stipulations

Work completed in various jurisdictions:


Expungements/Setting Aside convictions​ 

Message .

  • Expungement eligibility: Recent legislative changes broadened the scope of expungement eligibility: An eligible petitioner  can now expunge from their criminal record (which to be eligible  shall also not exceed) up to one (1) Felony (excludes certain types) and/or two (2) misdemeanors (certain types of which are also excluded). 

  • For more information, call me directly: (702) 449 -1289, or fill out the following form and hit "send," and I'll contact you within 24 hours to discuss your expungement eligibility and payment arrangement options to get you started...

  •  Barnet G. LeVine, Esq.