Law Office of Barnet G. LeVine, Esq. 

                                                    Matt. 7:7-8

You're not destined to end up here.

                                                    Matt. 7:7-8

When the "unaccepted" do the "unacceptable..."

Having lived in multiples cities, states, cultures, patterns emerge: manifestations differ (i.e., on the surface, the dialect, terms, dress code and a variety of other things that comprise cultures, societies and ideologies vary...),  but structurally,  something/s very similar:

It's a view that treats failure as inevitable... It's strained with disappointment; and this lends itself to a careless approach that "justifies" being uninvested; and it descends into two, seemingly contrasting, yet overlapping expressions: defiance and submission...  

And they happen simultaneously... 


Policing the "hero" rhetoric:

The difference between "honoring" and "heroism" is as important to distinguish, as the  difference between contemporary constructs of "patriotism," and the meaning of being American...  These things are very different from one another...