Don't let your unfamiliarity  with "evictions" scare you into conceding legal rights that are available precisely to help in situations that resemble yours... Take  the initiative  by contacting this firm, and take out the fear that pushes you to surrender your legal rights needlessly (too often, those who are unfamiliar with the laws --and at times, even those familiar with  them-- assume that "formality" translates into some type of legal leverage . . . it doesn't).   Call (702) 449 - 1289:  One simple call can expose that "avalanche" of  unfamiliarity as a mere snowball; and turn the seemingly insurmountable into something overcomeable.    








Note: People who are on the verge of getting evicted typically don't have too much money -- presumably informing at least part of the reason they're getting evicted). And it would be borderline imprudent to offer services others cannot afford... Knowing that, I offer discounted rates to those whose circumstances demand it (not the persons demanding them, but their situations calling for it).