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 Barnet G. LeVine, Esq.


 Barnet G. LeVine, Esq.

Appealed, overturned:


  • Federal Court Western District of Michigan: briefed the issue that overturned an interlocutory appeal;

  • Nevada Supreme Court: overturned a Procedural Family Law issue (Reverse and Remand);

  • (Michigan) District Court: Motion for Reconsideration granted, overturned prior hearing decision;

  • (Michigan) Circuit Court: Ex-parte orders contested, overturned; prior sentence overturned;

  • Nevada District Court: appealed, overturned res judicata issue, setting up the boundary for eventual litigation, etc.






From interlocutory appeals, post judgment, federal, state, different states, civil and criminal, procedural and substantive, every appeal I've worked on has achieved its purpose...  In virtually the same breath, however, in light of ethical obligations, my observation of them, and prudence, I denounce a want for relief that misconstrues my record as some guarantee of an outcome: I'm neither expressly nor implicitly signaling a false promise as to anyone's case (every case is as different as the people litigating them). Rather, my sharing my appellate record is by effect, sharing my recognition of being Blessed to do what I love, and being grateful for it yielding a rewarding and growing experience.  For more information, or if you're interested in working on and/or collaborating on a brief or appeal, give me a call.  We'll explore the issues and options to work with one another.  

Barnet G. LeVine, Esq.

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