About us

​​"About Us"


The line between self promoting, and advertising often gets blurred; but it won't here: I was born in Miami, FL, raised, and lived in over 17 cities (17 years of which, in Las Vegas, NV), several states, and two continents. I've been Blessed with a wealth of experiences, 

unforeseen changes, and growth, during which, I became a lawyer.  I graduated from Michigan State University College of Law,  and it was during these years (i.e., during law school, not because of it) that I experienced critical growth, especially post 2010.  


Suffice it to say, no one's life can be reduced to a few words (hence, reducing your charges, and not reducing you to your mistakes…), nor should it be attempted to for the purpose of trying to capture some marketable aspect of it.  That's not what the "about me" section is "about."  Indeed, it's titled "about us" for --among other reasons-- it's sincerely not about "me:" I've been given an abundance, including the ability to do the work I love to do, and good people in my life...  

To that end, I'm grateful, and fully aware, that this gift of life and the things in it (every Blessing, every moment, and every opportunity...) were given "to" (rather than provided by or "from") me...  With this in mind, this is meant to serve as an expression; and perhaps, a reminder to be grateful for all I have, which is to say, all that I've been given, including loved ones that help inform "us."                                             


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Barnet G. LeVine        






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